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The Polynesian Empire, officially the Democratic Republic of Polynesian Islands, is a group of pseudo sovereign states under the same constitution and a unified government located in the South Eastern sub region of Oceania dispersed throughout Polynesia, Micronesia, and Melanesia. The nation has a population over 2,000,000. In total, there are 10 sub nations in the republic.


The vast cultures in Polynesia have led to a diverse mix of languages, music, and ethnic groups; however, the islands were eventually conquered by America in the 1930s. Many of the islands were forced into Americanization and were abused for their resources, but after World War II, America let the islands have their independence. In order to prevent another takeover, the islands came together to form a super nation.


Since the formation of the nation, there have been many issues due to language barriers. Each island has its own native language, so the official language was deemed English as it was the most commonly spoken language across the area. Over the years, the group of islands has formed its own dialect, which is now known as Polynesian English. Other languages spoken in the area include Elicean, Tongan, Tahitic, and Maori.